About Us



ECO-SYSTM is a dynamic community of creative professionals, startups, and freelancers, founded on the idea that entertainment, creativity and business can come together to offer a truly unique work experience for Bay Area professionals. We believe that by providing a top of the line workspace along with a diverse and inspiring community, we can offer an opportunity for organic growth both professionally and personally, along with a balanced and healthy lifestyle for all of our members. It is our ongoing mission to welcome in as many independent workers, entrepreneurs and creators into our community, providing them with a safe and flexible workspace to expand their professional horizons. With on-site partnerships with the Temple Nightclub and Mirus Art Gallery, ECO-SYSTM exists as an interactive cultural hub, inspiring creativity through business, music and fine arts.

Meet The Team!

Meaghen Liebe

Director of Operations and Community

Meaghen’s coworking journey started in 2012 when she took over management of a 10,000 square foot space in Los Angeles, CA (downtown Culver City to be exact). It was love at first happy hour and after spending 2 ½ blissful years growing the community there she decided to make the move back to the Bay Area with her husband and daughter in tow. When she’s not coworking with the fabulous community at ECO-SYSTM she can be found hiking the East Bay trails with her family or nose deep in an accounting textbook. Things she likes to talk about include: casual carpooling, the trials and tribulations of raising a toddler, and dessert.

Madison Foss

Sales and Marketing Manager

Madison has been studying and working in marketing for about five years now. Her interest in the coworking world sparked when she realized she could help market a space where all different kinds of people work under one roof. She loves people, and is inspired by all of the self starters and innovators that come to work everyday. Coming from a small town in Central California, she moved to the East Bay and doesn't plan on leaving any time soon! She now lives in Berkeley with two roommates from college and loves every bit of it (high rent cost not included.) Things she likes to talk about include: marketing, music, math, and monkeys!

Charlie Shaw

Community and Events Manager

Charles (Charlie) has been a coworking manager and enthusiast since 2012 when he transplanted to the Bay Area from his humble abode in New England. Since then he's had the pleasure of managing 3 different coworking communities and even helped to build one of them from the ground up in Berkeley. His favorite aspect of working in coworking is the constant opportunity to meet new, interesting people and help provide the tools they need to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Another interesting factoid about Charlie is that though his full name is shared with a popular discount wine brand, he wants to make it perfectly clear that there is no immediate relation. That being said, if anyone wants to send him free wine, he will happily accept! Things he likes to talk about include: Life, love, happiness and what he’s going to have for lunch tomorrow.

Mariya Leschenko

Front Desk Manager

Mariya is originally from Belarus and immigrated here at a young age. She has spent twelve years in San Francisco and says her favorite part about the city is still being able to find new experiences and places to see. She enjoys discovering cuisine, art, music, and attending social and networking events. In 2014 Mariya began helping at Zen Compounds art gallery, Mirus, and doing club promotion at Temple while going to school for business administration, liberal arts, and behavioral science. The past year has been an exciting one as she got to know the members at ECO-SYSTM and learn the inner workings of coworking!